English Version. Straight out from Dani ™. High-Level Happened Yesterday...Hell-Level's Happening Today!
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Dani takes you on a hellish trip through the world of the double-bass.
Play Dani's grooves and fills.
Play the original live-licks from Helloween.
MP3 downloads: Listen to the master's grooves and fills.
Master the foot technique straight from Dani.
Get the tips from a working drummer.

Dani's book is powered by:
Pearl, Paiste, Agner Sticks

Praise: Gomezz (Reamonn, Stereolove): The book's full of valuable tips that help the reader find their own way to grow as drummers and get to know a new world. Take out of it what you need, use and reuse it, and make it your own improved art of drumming. I'm already a part of it…

"Dani Löble's Double Bass Drumming - Not Only For Metal" is described in a press release as a "biography written in notes" about Dani's carreer behind the drum kit and in the heavy metal world. The book is packed with effective exercises, techniques and personal tips that Dani developed as a member of HELLOWEEN as well as during various studio sessions as a professional drummer.

"Dani Löble's Double Bass Drumming - Not Only For Metal" was written for all drummers whose main focus is groove, solid timing and feeling. It contains helpful tips to develop drummers' foot technique and double-bass drum grooves and is an accurate depiction of the reality of being a working drummer in today's rock world.

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